Rak Soad Jai Yai Tua Saeb

Ruk Tuam Tung

August Vachirawit will have 2 news dramas

A handsome actor, August Vachirawit was born on August 31, 1996. He is well known for his performance in the Love Sick: The Series BL drama.

August Vachirawit signed a contract with Thai Channel 3 in 2016. August Vachirawit grew his popularity after playing in Krong Karm drama.

August Vachirawit will have two new dramas soon.

Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb

The main leads of Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb drama are August Vachirawit and PP Punpreedee. Many fans are waiting for this drama.

Ruk Tuam Tung

August Vachirawit will reunite with his best co-star, Namfah Thyunphat in a new drama. They starred together in 2021 drama (Mae Krua Kon Mai ). The name of the new drama is Rak Tuam Tung. Many local and international fans are waiting for their reunion.

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